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I, The undersigned, Mr. Gopal Ramnath Naik, Aged 60 years and been practising as a Chartered Accountant, have been regularly taking AYURIN CAPSILES, for the past five years manufactured by Welex Laboratories Private Ltd. I would further like to State and confirm that because of ‘AYURIN’, I have not suffered from any Urinary Infection, Kidney Problem or Prostate problem, Before using ‘AYURIN’ I used to have problems while passing urine. I can ‘CONFIDENTLY’ say that AYURIN’ is really an Excellent and Kidneysustaining product which is a boon to people of All Ages.
Mumbai At. 15/11/2014

Gopal R. Naik

I have a very bad habit of drinking less water in a day that leaded to urine infection and even proximity to Kidney Stone initial stages. This worried me and my family. Then we came across K. AYURVEDA. These medicines were blessing in my life. “AYURIN” & “AYUVITA” medicines helped me to cure and get rid of all the problems. Within the use of 1 month I was able to see the positive results, within 3 months the calcium oxalate just disappeared.

Sincerely, Thank you K. Auyrveda

Deepika Sahu
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