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  1. A product for nursing mothers; helps enhance production of breast milk and aid in lactation
    As a responsible, wellness organisation, we intend to bring nursing mothers under our protective umbrella. We will soon be launching a new product, formulated by the great ancient sages to help meet the nutritional needs of our future generation. We are happy to introduce AyuLacto, a special formulation for nursing mothers.
  2. Beauty oil forglowing skin. Also helps remove scars
    Beauty is not attained through chemical concoctions or merely by washing with bleach. Your skin is much too tender to be treated so harshly with chemicals intended for industrial use. At Welex, we believe your skin needs to be cared for with tenderness, to be nourished with nature’s precious gifts. We are proud to present AyuGlow, a beauty oil that relies on age-old formulations for skin-care. Suitable for damaged skin as well as in helping maintain healthy skin, AyuGlow will help you care for your skin in a new, mature way.
  3. Nourishment forthe scalp; helps prevent hairfall
    In Ayurveda, food was considered as medicine and medicine was consumed as food. In today’s polluted environment, our nutritional requirements are never met with the standard dietary intakes. One of the highly visible fallouts of malnourishment seen in today’s times is premature baldness.
  4. Welex is soon launching a new hair-care product.

Welex was founded in 1979. Thanks to your patronage and support, we have grown, and how!

The testimony to our growth is our great expansion, presently reaching out to more than 25 countries. The wellness industry is expected to grow by leaps and bounds. Ayurveda is going to play a dynamic role.

We have earmarked ambitious growth plans. We are scaling up our resource planning for the next decade and expanding the current production facilities with a view to expanding our global presence by 2020.

We shall continue to dream and share a vision to grow and to always remain a trusted member of the global health care family.


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