At Welexcare, we prioritize customer satisfaction and aim to provide you with the best shopping experience possible. To ensure transparency and clarity regarding our return policy, please carefully review the following guidelines:

1. Return and Refund Restrictions:

Once an order has been successfully delivered to your specified address, it cannot be returned or refunded. We encourage our customers to thoroughly review their orders before finalizing their purchase to avoid any inconvenience.

2. Exclusion of Money Back Guarantee:

We regret to inform you that after the usage of the product, we do not offer a money-back guarantee. Once a product has been used, it falls outside the scope of our refund policy. We recommend familiarizing yourself with the features and specifications of the product before making a purchase to ensure it meets your requirements.

3. Quality Assurance:

We take pride in the quality of the products we offer, and each item undergoes stringent quality checks before being dispatched. In the rare event that you receive a defective or damaged product, please contact our customer support team immediately for assistance. We will strive to resolve the issue promptly and ensure your satisfaction.

4. Exchange Policy:

While we do not offer refunds or returns for delivered orders or used products, we understand that there may be instances where an exchange is necessary in certain circumstances, such as receiving capsules with damaged packaging or incorrect product variants, we may facilitate an exchange. In such cases, please reach out to our customer support team within 24 Hours of receiving your order. We will guide you through the exchange process and assist you in selecting a suitable replacement.